Linguistic services

Linguistic Services

Thanks to its extensive network of more than 80 centres in several countries, Optilingua brings together many professionals, specialised in different fields: translators, interpreters, editors, graphic designers, technicians, linguists, etc. Because of their know-how, we are able to offer you, in addition to our translation services, a wide variety of linguistic services.

Whatever your need, the type of document to be translated, or the target language, we can provide you with an expert capable of offering you a service that meets your expectations.

We offer you translation services (commercial, scientific, legal, medical, sworn, SEO, etc.), interpreting services, proofreading services for your writing and translations, as well as multilingual desktop publishing, transcription, professional multilingual voice-overs, and subtitling services.

In this way, Optilingua's agencies support all your communication media, whether written, audio or video, whatever your sector, and in more than one hundred languages.


Specific solutions for your linguistic projects


Technical, legal, sworn, medical, financial and other specialised translations

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Editing, proofreading, and correction of texts (in Dutch and other languages)

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Audio and video transcriptions in Dutch and other languages

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Liaison interpreting & telephone interpreting

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Voice-over services

Telephone messages, museum guides, instruction videos, etc.

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Foreign language subtitling for videos for international markets

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Multilingual DTP

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP)

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Additional language services: better serving our customers

Optilingua provides a selection of other langauge services to enable us, to better serve you, “our customer”. Our aim is to provide you with the convenience of sourcing any additional services from one supplier. Rather than have several companies involved in a single project, you can save time and money by having one of our representatives specifically tailor a package to meet your individual requirements. Whether that be from transcriptions or voice over work, in any language, we will provide you with the most time and cost effective option.


FAQ on professional linguistic services

Linguistic services (or language services) include services related to languages, such as professional and machine translations, interpreting, copywriting, proofreading, voice recordings, transcriptions of audio and video recordings, DTP, language courses, international SEO, terminology management or multilingual subtitles.

The abbreviation LSP has many meanings, but in the language sector, it means Language Service Provider. It is usually understood to mean suppliers who offer translation and interpreting services.

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